Oral malodour counteractives

  • So called oral malodour counteractives (OMC) are typically composed of a blend of aromatic ethers or alcohols with essential oils comprising membrane-active substances.
  • OMC have been shown to lower the generation of VSC by the enzyme methioninase (methionine-gamma-lyase) in in vitro assays (Givaudan S.A. 2007a, Givaudan S.A. 2007b).
  • Methioninase is required for conversion of the amino acid methionine into methyl mercaptan (CH3SH) – a VSC with high contribution to malodour.
  • Hence, these mixtures of oral malodour counteractives are claimed to prevent bad breath by reducing the formation of methyl mercaptan.
  • OMC prevent the formation of VSC by reducing the enzyme mediated conversion of amino acids into VSC.