meridol® HALITOSIS tooth & tongue gel

Active ingredients:
Amine fluoride/stannous fluoride
Zinc lactate
Oral malodour counteractives

Fluoride content:
1400 ppm F- (350 ppm F- from amine fluoride,
1050 ppm F- from stannous fluoride)

Tooth & tongue gel
pH 4.7

For daily cleaning of teeth and tongue
Combats the main causes of oral malodour

Product benefits:

meridol® HALITOSIS tooth & tongue gel
  • neutralises odour-active compounds in the oral cavity
  • cleans the teeth and tongue
  • protects effectively against caries

meridol® HALITOSIS tooth & tongue gel ensures a long lasting fresh mouth feeling and gives the confidence of clean, fresh breath every day.


For daily oral hygiene, brush the teeth with the gel as usual according to daily dental care regime.
For tongue cleaning, apply a pea-sized amount of meridol® HALITOSIS tooth & tongue gel on the tongue cleaner and spread it on the tongue surface. Clean the tongue by removing the coating gently from back to front.

Usage with meridol® HALITOSIS tongue cleaner is recommended. meridol® HALITOSIS mouthrinse provides additional protection from oral malodour.

For adults or adolescents from the age of 12.

Package size:

75 ml, 12 ml