Genuine halitosis – Lack of awareness

  • Provable bad breath is usually caused by a particular physiological or pathological situation in the mouth, be it bacteria, the interplay between individual metabolism and nutrition, individual surface of the tongue or inflammatory processes in the throat or sinuses. All these factors can be single or partial cause of a condition named halitosis (Filippi 2008b).
  • Halitosis patients are rarely aware of their own bad breath, i.e. they do not perceive its provable existence, nevertheless they are socially as well as psychically affected. They experience more or less obvious repulsion by the people around them. This repulsion is particularly tormenting as oral malodour still appears to be an unmentionable fact rather than a curable condition.
  • Studies show that ca. 71% of halitosis patients experience bad breath as a negative influence on their social life, as expressed by inhibition, unsureness, personal isolation, self-seclusion and relationship problems (Filippi & Müller 2006).
Odour without perception: Genuine halitosis patients are rarely aware of own bad breath.